What's in for you

Top Design Contest Websites:


Crowdspring basically works on the concept of contest rather than a traditional designing service provider. Instead of fixing an hourly or project-based fee, it offers an option to its customer to choose an offer amount.

  • Minimum Award Amount - $200
  • Average responses for a post – 110
  • Fee Charged – Award Amount + listing fee + 15% project fee.
  • Money back Guarantee – All the amount apart from the listing fee is refunded if in case the post doesn’t get a minimum of 100 responses or is the customer is not satisfied with the designs.



In Design crowd, you post your project online with the TAT and deposit the project budget with the company. After which your post is made visible to around 33000 freelance designers or designing companies across the world.

  • Minimum Project Budget - $150
  • Average Responses for a post – 50
  • Money back guarantee - $40 in case you do not find a suitable design or if the average response number is not met with.



99 design works on a very comfortable pattern. The project is posted online with the particular requirements that you expect and offer an award amount. Once you start receiving designs, you can choose the one winning submission and award them. Once you pay them you get the entire copyright of the work.

  • Minimum Award Money varies from $95 - $495 based on the type of project.


Apart from these design contest companies, there are a lot of companies that offer graphic designing services like Upwork, Elance, etc.,

Design Brief – An essential:

To get the design that you desire, make your requirements clear and upfront to the designer, let them know what you expect and what you prefer and what is the actual purpose that the design is going to solve. Right from the colours to be used, ideas to be represented, etc. has to be given out in order to save time and to get more effective results.

Final Word:

Once you know the service providers and have done ample research on their past performances, you are at your will to choose a designer according to your designing requirements. Always remember to use sample services and other cheap designing service options like design contests to start with.